Largest and most powerful of all the countries of the Old World, The Empire is your homeland, a vast land, made up of numerous princedoms, duchies, leagues and city-states. Its history goes back some two-and-a-half thousand years, to the earliest days of Human development. Its founder was the legendary warrior Sigmar Heldenhammer, “Hammer of the Goblins,” who united the warring Human tribes and, in alliance with the Old World Dwarves, drove the Goblin hordes from the Old World, back into the Dark Lands beyond the World’s Edge Mountains. Later, the legends tell, he was accepted into the ranks of the gods, and now his Church is the most powerful of all The Empire’s religions. Indeed, the Church’s high priest, the Grand Theogonist, is the Emperor’s closest advisor. The current Emperor, Karl-Franz I, was elected (by those few provincial rulers known as Electors) ten years ago, and was crowned in Altdorf by the Grand Theogonist. He is still a young man and the people have great hopes that, under his benevolent leadership, The Empire is poised on the brink of a new golden age.

As a young group of adventures, thrown together by the tattered threads of fate, you find yourselves in the small but growing town of Akendorf located at the foot of the Worlds Edge Mountains. With a population of around 2800 its mayor Horbin Shanks sees nothing but great things for the towns future, with a bit of help he is trying to carve a little bit of the Empire out as his own but knows this is no mere feat. During his time in office, Mayor Shanks has already set up trade with neighbouring towns and villages and has even been in discussion with the Dwarfs who are renowned for their work in both metal and stone.

As the natural resources are vast around the town of Akendorf, a small hamlet has also been established upon the foothills of the Worlds Edge Mountains known as Blight. The logging community, mainly a mixture of humans and a few dwarfs, are kept under the watchful eye of Master Rendol Fitz chief woodsman/carpenter. This does not mean the vast forests in the Empire are not without their own peril. These are well-known as dark, dangerous places, home to all kinds of strange and evil creatures, renegades, bandits and the followers of perverse cults of the Great Lords of Chaos. Only the foolish or suicidal would enter them without good reason. Settlements are few, small and widely-scattered and travel is a risky business even for those who stick to the roads.

Without the help of heroes such as yourselves the Mayor, the town and even the Empire itself will surely fail…. Do you turn a blind eye to the evil that lies within the land or take up the call to arms…. For humanity, for good and for the Emperor!

For the Empire

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